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In our bi-weekly interview sessions, we want to learn about new and innovative employment situations. What are alternative ways to find a new job? How can we find more meaning in our work? How can we leverage our strengths and full potential in our jobs? How do companies need to react to adapt to nonlinear careers when recruiting? What are new and flexible approaches in terms of working time and location? Should we even measure working time or is more about the impact we have? We want to discuss those questions with companies, HR people, founders, recruiters or everyone else, that offers new and alternative approaches to those questions. We also want to present people with interesting jobs and people that have created something meaningful within their “standard” jobs. We won’t ask you to quit your job and become self-employed. Because we believe there must also be answer in employment jobs.

Host: Kristina Walcker-Mayer

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#14 | Jannike Stöhr - 30 jobs in 1 year

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to try out every job you have in mind? Jannike Stöhr, professional job tester, author, speaker and coach, has tested 30 jobs in only one year. 

She shares her very fascinating personal story, how she started and realised this project and, as a result, found the most important thing for herself. 

"I wanted to have a career, a higher salary. I consumed a lot. And I didn’t find happiness in all of that. At least, it didn’t last for a long time.“

"Then I figured out that every decision I had made in my life was not my own decision or because I wanted to it, but I would have done it to get appreciation or someone else wanted me to do it."

This is a very touching episode on 

- how giving up everything can help you to find other things inside yourself

- why trying to find happiness is maybe not the right way

- about the importance of experiencing things and getting out there

- why intuition is crucial when making decisions in our lives

- what is needed for the jobs of the future 

Photo credits: Ernst Weerts

Enjoy this wonderful and honest episode about an exciting life journey which inspired me a lot. 

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Website & Blog https://jannikestoehr.com/

Book: Das Traumjob-Experiment: 30 Jobs in einem Jahr https://amzn.to/31bIQV8

Book: Ich bin so frei: Raus aus dem Hamsterrad - rein in den richtigen Job https://amzn.to/2WI7lcP

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