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In our bi-weekly interview sessions, we want to learn about new and innovative employment situations. What are alternative ways to find a new job? How can we find more meaning in our work? How can we leverage our strengths and full potential in our jobs? How do companies need to react to adapt to nonlinear careers when recruiting? What are new and flexible approaches in terms of working time and location? Should we even measure working time or is more about the impact we have? We want to discuss those questions with companies, HR people, founders, recruiters or everyone else, that offers new and alternative approaches to those questions. We also want to present people with interesting jobs and people that have created something meaningful within their “standard” jobs. We won’t ask you to quit your job and become self-employed. Because we believe there must also be answer in employment jobs.

Host: Kristina Walcker-Mayer

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#10 | Ruben Gänsler - Transforming from Zombie into Captain America

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

"We are the safe haven for burnt-out agency kids."

Ruben Gänsler, founder and product strategist at prototype.berlin, explains how has transformed from “Zombie into Captain America” by leaving his agency job and founding an own agency with a truly warm atmosphere, where people enjoy coming to work. We will not only get sound leadership advice but also tips on how to get your first clients once you start your own thing.

We will learn - why structure and participation are crucial for employee satisfaction and that they are more than a marketing message - how to make employees truly happy at work - why trading money against time won’t make us happy in the long run - why self-reflection is a crucial part and our own responsibility to become happier at work - why we need to become aware what our needs are and go out and start asking for it - how it works to have weekly goals instead of fix working hours - how to get your first clients once you become self-employed

“Be really clear what you offer and find the right people that open doors for you.”

Link: Prototype Berlin www.prototype.berlin/ Ruben on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ruben-gaensler/

Podcast episode on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/30d20B9OASNGWRSWXhSxPe?si=bGEh_NeiRwm4LXYCF7OBiw

Podcast episode on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/podcast/10-ruben-g%C3%A4nsler-transforming-from-zombie-into-captain/id1434237125?i=1000430609588&l=en&mt=2

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