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In our bi-weekly interview sessions, we want to learn about new and innovative employment situations. What are alternative ways to find a new job? How can we find more meaning in our work? How can we leverage our strengths and full potential in our jobs? How do companies need to react to adapt to nonlinear careers when recruiting? What are new and flexible approaches in terms of working time and location? Should we even measure working time or is more about the impact we have? We want to discuss those questions with companies, HR people, founders, recruiters or everyone else, that offers new and alternative approaches to those questions. We also want to present people with interesting jobs and people that have created something meaningful within their “standard” jobs. We won’t ask you to quit your job and become self-employed. Because we believe there must also be answer in employment jobs.

Host: Kristina Walcker-Mayer


#12 | The impact of female leadership on work environments

During the female founders event by WLOUNGE, the panelists of the event answered the question “How will work change once we have more women in leadership positions”: Nina Jetter (Investment manager at Project A), Jag Singh (Managing Director at Techstars), Cilia C. Kanellopoulos (Head of Social Innovation at Vodafone), Katy Campbell (Head of Brand and Communication at APX), Mali Baum (CEO of WLOUNGE) and Karolina Attspodina (CIO of WLOUNGE) share their voices and their experi

#11 | Katy Campbell - Mental health in the workplace

"We don't have to be at the same pace as everyone else. We will all get there, but maybe at a different point in time." Katy Campbell, Head of Brand & Communications at APX, talks about mental health in the workplace. Katy tells very honestly her own, very inspiring story and explains how they make sure to support founders and their employees to address the topic very openly. We will learn about the shocking statistics showing how many people are affected by mental health iss

#10 | Ruben Gänsler - Transforming from Zombie into Captain America

"We are the safe haven for burnt-out agency kids." Ruben Gänsler, founder and product strategist at prototype.berlin, explains how has transformed from “Zombie into Captain America” by leaving his agency job and founding an own agency with a truly warm atmosphere, where people enjoy coming to work. We will not only get sound leadership advice but also tips on how to get your first clients once you start your own thing. We will learn - why structure and participation are cru

#09 | Richard Brandt - Work lessons from Ghana

Get a different perspective on work: Richard Brandt, Founder of Codetrain in Ghana, Africa, shares insights about work in Ghana which is not only about yourself, but about the community and being beneficial to other people. We can learn how Ghanaians are looking at problems from the very basic core without taking anything for granted, so they might detect lots of opportunities along the process which can be essential for driving innovation. Richard explains how they make sure

#08 | Vera Snell - About human-centered work environments

“If we start with the people and understand what’s going on in their head, in their hearts, that can be very powerful." Vera Snell, Consultant at intraprenoer, speaks about how they help companies to define human-centered strategies, cultures and work approaches. We'll learn how their own company is having a 6weeks sabbatical every year, what a “workation” is and why a 4 day workweek has improved the quality of their work. Vera tells us how they’re trying to change how people

#07 | Dorit Schindler - Find your own strengths

What would happen if we would use our strengths every day instead of investing so much time & effort into overcoming our development areas? You don’t know what your natural talents are? Dorit Schindler, certified StrengthsFinder coach and Head of HR at Zalando, will give us an introduction into the Clifton StrengthsFinder concept and how it can help you, to get to know yourself better and focus on things we’re naturally good at. We’ll take a very pragmatic approach and show

#06 | Pedro Oliveira - How to find your job fit

Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of landing.jobs, will speak about their “YourFit” model: A concept that helps understand if your current job really fits to your needs and requirements towards jobs & work. In this episode, we will learn - how the YourFit calculator can help you to identify potential gaps between your current job and your needs - what patterns and areas you should observe more closely in order to make career decisions - what key trade offs you should make when plan

#05 | Katharina Hahn - New Work - State of Mind

In our latest episode, Katharina Hahn, New Work Advisor at Blackboat, tells us how the company works, that advices other companies how to work. Katharina takes us on a journey into her daily New Work routine and explains why strict rules are crucial to work autonomously, in the most flexible manner and ultimate freedom. We will learn - how they try to free companies from 90s IT & mindsets when it comes to working processes - why new work is more than introducing a kicker tabl

#01 | Dev Aujla - 50 Ways To Get A Job

Interview with Dev Aujla, author of the book "50 Ways to Get a Job: An unconventional guide to finding work in your terms" and the online tool 50waystogetajob.com. In this episode, Dev tells us how he wants to help people to find jobs that make money, do good and give that sense of purpose. In our conversation, we will talk about why we need new ways to approach job search, which ones Dev’s book and tool have to offer and about people’s expectations and the “TED talk syndrome



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